Get paid before you get paid. →           Our interest rates are always in your best interest. →           Check the surf, then deposit a check. →           Getting your cash shouldn’t cost you a dime. →           No monthly fees. No worries. →           Online is waaay better than in line. →           Save on ATM fees. Spend it on malasadas. →           No shirt, no pants, no problem. →

Our interest rates are always in your best interest.

Shaka Checking makes banking easy. It’s 100% online and you can bank from anywhere, anytime.


Our interest rates are always
in your best interest.

Shaka Checking makes banking easy. It’s 100% online and you can bank from anywhere, anytime!

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Getting a Shaka account means you're part of the Shaka Community. As part of the community, you'll get first notice on Shaka sponsored events and more!

Shaka Checking has its benefits.


Our interest rates are in
your best interest

Shaka is among the highest checking interest rates in Hawaii. Click here for details about Annual Percentage Yield (APY).

Use any ATM you want

Shaka refunds your ATM fees up to $20/month. So getting your cash won’t cost you a dime.


Get paid early

Need your pay a few days before payday? Shaka lets you access your direct deposit paycheck up to two days early. Learn More.

Bank from your phone

With Shaka, you can open an account in five minutes, use BillPay, Mobile Deposit and more. All without ever setting foot in a bank.


No monthly fees

Pay $0 each month to maintain your account. Shaka gives you a checking account and debit card without the monthly fees.


We’ve got your back.
And CPB has ours.

Shaka has deep roots. We’re backed by Central Pacific Bank,
which has been doing business in Hawaii for over 65 years.



Annual Percentage Yield (APY) effective June 15, 2022. Interest rates may change at any time after the account is opened. Fees may reduce earnings on accounts.

Balance Tiers Base Interest Rate Reward Interest Rate1 APY Min. Balance to Open Min. Balance2 to Earn Interest
Standard Rate 0.03% - 0.03% $25 $0
Tier 1 Rate
$0 - $20,000
0.03% 0.97% 1.00% $25 $0
Tier 2 Rate
$20,000.01 & Over
0.03% - 1.00% - 0.21%3 $25 $20,000.01

[1] Our Shaka account has a special feature that pays a higher interest rate (Reward Interest Rate) and APY on Tier 1 balances if you meet ALL of the following transaction requirements during the calendar month:

  1. 15 or more debit card transactions (point of-sale purchases) post to your account during the month totaling $75 or more (ATM transactions do not qualify); and
  2. A qualified direct deposit is credited to your account during the month. A qualified direct deposit is a recurring electronic deposit of paychecks, Social Security benefits, or other regularly scheduled income payments of $25 or more (transfers from one account to another do not qualify). 

When you meet all the transaction requirements, depending on your account balance, two different interest rates and APYs could be paid on your account during the month. The tiered interest rates and APYs shown above will be paid only on that portion of your balance that is within the tier range. If your account does not meet all the transaction requirements for the tiered rates, the Standard Rate Tier noted above will apply to your entire balance. The maximum monthly Reward Interest Rate earnings is $17.

[2] This is the daily balance (i.e., the amount of principal in the account each day).

[3] The APYs shown are for representative balances of $20,000.01 and $100,000. The APY decreases for larger balances because more interest is earned at the lower interest rate. Specifically, if you meet all the transaction requirements above during a calendar month, an APY of 1.00% would apply to account balances between $0 and $20,000. For account balances in excess of $20,000:

  • An APY of 1.00% would apply to the first $20,000 of the total account balance; and
  • An APY of 0.03% would apply to any portion of the account balance in excess of $20,000 (i.e., is equal to or greater than $20,000.01).

Paycheck Details

To receive this feature, your employer or benefit provider must send your payroll by ACH to your Account and include the key phrases “Payroll” or “Direct Deposit” within the transaction description. Transactions without these key phrases in the description, or with unrecognized abbreviations of these phrases, will be processed as normal and will not be given the early paycheck benefit. We do not determine the transaction description.


The date on which you receive access to your direct deposit funds depends on when your employer or benefit provider submits the payment file. We generally make these funds available on the day that the payment file is received, which may be up to 2 days earlier than the scheduled payment date. Customers should check their available balance for paycheck availability.

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